Christian Stewardship Association Philippines (CSA) is an interdominational nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach God’s people stewardship of resources. The board of directors and officers are composed of volunteers committed to promoting Biblical stewardship.

In 1999, Zenet Maramara, then development director of Asian Theological Seminary sought to network with other Christian Fundraisers from other seminaries but but found out that ATS wad the only seminary with a full-time resource development unit at that time. Seven people came to a consultation meeting on how a fundraisers’ network can be organized. In 2000, Bob del Rosario, Efren Pallorina, Cora Chan, Verna Mae Apuzen-Agudo, and Zenet Maramara cast the vision for Christian Stewardship Association.

The group envisioned to provide education, in resource mobilization and professional fundraising. CSA teaching is Simple:

First of all, God owns everything, including the money that we raise for ministries;

Secondly, we are to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us

Our dream to see the Philippine Church lacking nothing can happen of God’s people ca be taught to excel in the ministry of giving. This is why CSA partners with pastors in promoting biblical education om the local churches.

CSA has since produced and conducted seminars, conferences, monthly fora on stewardship and fundraising. It is one of the founders of the Fundraising Institute that provides a certificate program in professional Christian fundraising and has helped big and small NGOs in resource development.